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Book Blog Original notebook


Stefan from Book Block Original reached out to me the other day to test print their product (the are doing amazing custom printed notebooks) with one of my pictures. I've just received my one-off copy - looking goooood! ???????? Thanks guys!!!

TFI Zine Picture 2

Second image for the zine; on one of my trips have seen this massive inflated muscled body with some pedestrians around enjoying iced coffe. Good scene for Phillip.

TFI Zine Picture 1

This is first image done while in Cebu - one can't avoid multitude of motorcycles crammed with people and strangely composed urban infrastructure. Character is called Phillip - there will be more of him to come.

Tropical Futures Institute residency

Some months ago I met Chris from VSOON and couple of months after I did a poster for Zine festival in Cebu (Philippines), that Chris organised through a Tropical Futures Institue - a young organisation providing a creative platform across Southeast Asia with a focus on Cebu. As a result I got invited for an residency and got to spend 2 weeks in Philippines, where I slept, drew, ate and interacted with an amazing bunch of people (also got my back sunburnt). Also involved was local 856 G gallery , that organised my talk, let me paint a small mural, and will print my zine (once finished) and organise a pop-up show. I will be posting some stuff that I drew. Was sooo good this residency!

ASOS Magazine

ASOS asked me to make a colouring picture for them for their readers to colour and submit with a chance to win something! Ws super fun to see the entries on the Instagram - real colouring skills out there!

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