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Brexit Bremain Picture


Cannes Lions 2016

Cannes Lions 2016 - the international advertising festival - has just happened and I had a massive honour to illustrate the whole branding, have a look at some (not the best) snaps from the festival, more to come!



Book Blog Original notebook


Stefan from Book Block Original reached out to me the other day to test print their product (the are doing amazing custom printed notebooks) with one of my pictures. I've just received my one-off copy - looking goooood! ???????? Thanks guys!!!

TFI Zine Picture 2

Second image for the zine; on one of my trips have seen this massive inflated muscled body with some pedestrians around enjoying iced coffe. Good scene for Phillip.

TFI Zine Picture 1

This is first image done while in Cebu - one can't avoid multitude of motorcycles crammed with people and strangely composed urban infrastructure. Character is called Phillip - there will be more of him to come.

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