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Digital Arts has me on!

Proud to be featured in the Character design/Pictoplasma write up by a brilliant Lisa Hassell - the mighty lady who also runs ever so respected Inky Goodness blog. And the direct link to the article is to be found HERE . Nice meeting you Lisa! (PS. wish I looked different on that pic.)

Rosnicka Festival in Colour

Picture for Rosnicka festival (Czech electronic music festival) is done and coloured; typographaphy done by Aneta Sladkova (thumbs up) ! In the end we stayed away from blue background - legibility issues. Thanks guys for having me!

Sausage Man got physical!!

Guys from RETART just made it happen and I am super pleased. Available at their website HERE. Biiig (pink) thumbs up.

Pictoplasma happened!

And I happened to be one of invited speakers and all. Super proud. Was a really good week, jam-packed (is that the correct expression?), inspiring and just so good. Berlin is great, Pictoplasma's Lars and Peter (and Fanny and Tristan and Claudio and Sophie) are just fantastic. Good times.

National Express Magazine

And this is something super recent, for new launched National Express magazine! Article is on secret festivals throughout the UK, and I was proudly made to draw outdoor stuff (as opposed to my usual indoors), yey!

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